Viral Teaser Hits Philippine Cinemas

ENTERTAINMENT | March 12, 2017

Deadpool 2 in Logan

Filipino movie buffs who have watched the recently-premiered hit movie "Logan" in their favorite cinemas may have noticed that there is added bonus to the screening, and that would be the viral teaser for the upcoming superhero movie "Deadpool 2".

Warner Bros. Pictures Philippines has brought together two of the world's most iconic and beloved superheroes in local cinemas as the trending teaser that made movie buffs around the world laugh in awe made its way on screens where "Logan" is currently showing. Those who are planning to watch the best Wolverine movie in the X-Men franchise may have the chance to watch the teaser while enjoying the action-packed scenes of Hugh Jackman's final role as Wolverine.

If not, then you may watch the teaser here if you want to.

Anyway, "Logan" has certainly impressed X-Men fans and movie enthusiasts in the Philippines as it has earned a whopping Php99.6 million box-office gross in local cinemas in just five days of showing. It has even topped box-office charts in America as well. It is still showing in cinemas nationwide and is rated R-16 by the MTRCB without any cuts.

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