Why Should Filipino Movie Buffs Watch Seven Sundays

ENTERTAINMENT | October 11, 2017

Seven Sundays
(Image Source: Star Cinema)
I've watched a few teasers on television regarding Star Cinema's latest family drama film Seven Sundays. On one teaser there is a brewing conflict between two siblings while the other introduces the eldest among these siblings, and it is clear that these two are connected to the story which is why Filipino movie buffs should watch Seven Sundays with their loved ones. But it is no ordinary movie that is every Filipino family's story. 

The story revolves around three brothers and one sister fulfilling their father's last request to visit his home within seven weeks and get along together considering that the patriarch has seven weeks to live due to his ailing illness. But unbeknownst to the patriarch and movie buffs, the siblings have their own lives with the eldest one experiencing a situation regarding his business while tending to his wife who is pregnant for their fourth baby. And there is more you need to know that you should find out for yourself when you watch the movie.

Anyway, Seven Sundays will make every movie buff understand the importance of family bonding and how he or she can cope with their loved ones in every situation encountered. Not only that, it will also remind us how we love our family regardless of what we have been through until now. Anyone should know what it feels like to experience any situation with their family as their guiding light while watching every touching moment which should be unbearable in any case or sense.

Directed by master filmmaker Cathy Garcia-Molina, Seven Sundays features a powerhouse cast that includes Ronaldo Valdez, Dingdong Dantes, Enrique Gil and Christine Reyes. The movie also happens to be the comeback project for 90s matinee idol Aga Muhlach which is something that any retro fan should anticipate. And to top it all, Seven Sundays would mark the beginning of Direk Cathy's road to retirement which was announced during the film's final presscon. Garcia-Molina is set to retire from filmmaking in two years in order to focus on her family life.

With that in mind, that is all you need to know about Seven Sundays. If you want to know the backstory of the other siblings that I didn't mention in this article, then you need to watch the movie to find out. Seven Sundays is now showing in cinemas nationwide, and here's a preview of what you will expect from this beautifully crafted family drama.

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