CherryRoam: A New Travel Companion On-The-Go

TECHNOLOGY, LIFESTYLE | September 24, 2018

(Image Source: GizGuide/Cosmic Technologies)
Anyone who wishes to travel towards their own dream destinations may have to think on how to share their own finest moments to their friends and loved ones online considering that there may be issues regarding one's internet connections while travelling? Well, there is no need for Filipino travelers to worry because they now have a well suited companion that can not only solve their dilemma, but also be their on-the-go travel partner as well. 

Meet CherryRoam, a small and lightweight portable mobile WiFi device from Cosmic Technologies Inc. that allows strong and fast internet connection on up to five mobile devices across more than 100 countries around the world at affordable local rates. Powered by GlocalMe's cloud SIM technology and running on a Qualcomm MSM8909 processor, the device sports a 4-inch IPS capacitive multitouch display and 5330 mAh battery where it can also be used as a powerbank.

CherryRoam Specs
(Image Source: CherryRoam/Cosmic Technologies)

CherryRoam Rates
(Image Source: Gadget Pilipinas/Cosmic Technologies)
For as low as Php250, Filipino travelers can enjoy fast and affordable internet connectivity wherever you are around the world and whenever you want to communicate with your loved ones and share your moments online. Just keep in mind that rates are varied in countries that are covered by CherryRoam's network. With that in mind, all I can say that this is Cosmic's own way of providing Filipinos with the best and most enjoyable offers that suit their digital lifestyle needs. Besides, Cosmic is the company behind Cherry Mobile's own line of powerful and engaging but affordable mobile devices as well as the Cherry Prepaid service.

Anyway, those who want to enjoy fast and affordable internet while travelling around the world can get their hands on the CherryRoam for only Php6,990. With the CherryRoam on their hands, travelers can enjoy their daily internet itinerary up to three days for only Php250 in Asian countries and Php550 in Europe and America where they can receive 1 GB of open access data. For more information on the device as well as how to rent it for your travels, visit

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