Unboxing The Next Big Things In Lipa City

LIFESTYLE | February 20, 2018

Lipa Town Center
Lipa Town Center, which will be slated to open either by late 2018 or 2019, is one of the many establishments to watch out for in the city of Lipa. (Image Source: Hello Lipa)
With so many things happening, it feels like I am interested on how my hometown of Lipa City will be able to cope and savor in its ongoing flourishment as a next wave city considering that I never thought of any problems regarding the city's identity crisis. Still, I guess that there are more in the City for All Seasons which are poised to be its next big things and they are somewhere that we did not expect. 
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Kodaline, Jhene Aiko To Headline Wanderland Pixels


Wanderland Pixels 2018
(Image Source: Wanderland/UDOU PH)
The Wanderland Music and Arts Festival has always been a spectacle for many Filipino music lovers, bringing some of the best in the independent music scene to our local shores. And this year would be no exception as it promises a whole day of fun and excitement with exciting talents from the music and the arts as the annual event proudly presents its newest installment, Wanderland Pixels. 
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The Trubitastic Impact of Michael Christian Martinez

OPINIONS, SPORTS | February 20, 2018

Michael Christian Martinez
(Image Source: Rappler)
Four years ago, Filipino sports buffs have glued in to their television screens at late nights to watch and discover the unfolding of a new chapter in the history of Philippine sports and it happened during the 2014 Winter Olympics. A young Filipino skater by the name of Michael Christian Martinez has impressed late night viewers including myself in his stint during the shor and free skate programs of the men's figure skating competition, feeling awed and delighted that someone represented our country in the said event. 
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Xiaomi Returns To PH In The Style of Apple

TECHNOLOGY | February 20, 2018

Inside Xiaomi's First PH Store
A crowded sleuth of spectators and customers have taken a glimpse inside Xiaomi's first official store in the Philippines. (Image Source: Filipino Tech Addict/Mark Marcelo)
On February 17, 2018, Chinese-based global tech and lifestyle products brand Xiaomi has officially opened its first physical store in the Philippines, and people can't get enough of the hype and anticipation as they flood the fifth floor of Trinoma Mall in Quezon City just to indulge in what would they consider an incredible moment. 
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PH Soul Supreme Is Now Regular Contender On Singer 2018

ENTERTAINMENT | February 20, 2018

KZ Tandingan in Singer 2018
(Image Source: Hunan TV/One Music PH)
KZ Tandingan, who is dubbed as the Soul Supreme in the Philippine music industry, is now officially part of the latest season of the popular Chinese reality singing competition Singer 2018 following her impressive and tear-jerking second performance two days after Valentines Day. 
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What Trubists Can Expect From Kwentong DOTA on ESPN5

GAMING | February 16, 2018

The Philippine Pro Gaming League 2018 has already began its journey of looking for the best and finest gamers from different parts of the country that will make an impact in the local pro gaming scene, and it looks like Filipino gaming enthusiasts will get to discover how future local e-sports stars are preparing to make and break into their first foray towards their dreams through Kwentong DOTA. 
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Leaning Through Success In Career and Lovelife

OPINIONS, LIFESTYLE | February 16, 2018

Career Over Lovelife and Vice Versa
(Image Source: Bolde.com)
Valentines Day may be in the books for 2018 but it is interesting for me to be intrigued at how many Filipino adults were able to reap their own success, more particularly those from the millennial generation. One recently-released survey is considered an understanding of their resiliency and how they cope in today's modern world amidst the struggles. 
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Globe Brings Back Unli and Goes Viu

TECHNOLOGY | February 16, 2018

Globe At Home GoUnli
(Image Source: Globe Telecom/Hungry Geeks
Globe Telecom, the premiere purveyor of the Filipino digital lifestyle and the number one telco brand in the Philippines today, has officially brought back its unlimited internet offers anew for home broadband users to further heed the demands of Filipino consumers for their own digital lifestyle experience within the comforts of their own home. 
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