October 15, 2017

How To Ace A College Entrance Exam The Trubist Way

Taking Up A College Entrance Exam
(Image Source: Youtube)
Any typical graduating high school student has his or her own dream to study at any prestigious university of choice more particularly those in the Metro, but he or she may need to take a college entrance exam if anyone wants to have his or her college dream become a reality. Heck, passing it may become their a gift for the holidays if he or she is lucky. 
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The King of Glory Is Coming To The Philippines

Arena of Valor

Mobile Legends, Heroes Evolved and Vainglory have been the definition of the mobile multiplayer battle arena (MOBA) scene in the Philippines with a strong following from the local mobile gaming community. But it would seem that there is another mobile gaming marvel that will try to make its own scene among Filipino mobile gamers. 
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World Record Attempt To Kick Off Coffee Festival in Lipa City

Lipa City Barako Festival 2017

The city of Lipa is all set in celebrating the Barako Coffee Festival which will be held on October 16-21, 2017, and kicking off the festivities is the city's attempt to have a Guinness World Record for the longest line of people simultaneously drinking coffee. 
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Cherry Mobile Bare New Flare S6 Line

Cherry Mobile recently introduced its new line of premium smartphones that can cater any tech-savvy Filipino millennial consumer. The Flare S6 line which comprises of the Flare S6, Flare S6 Selfie and Flare S6 Plus looks promising to begin with once it becomes available in the market. 
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October 14, 2017

ESPN 5: Welcome To The Next Level

(Image Source: ESPN Mediazone)
TV5 is taking Philippine sports broadcasting to a whole new level as it officially announced its long-term collaboration with ESPN, the global leader in sports programming, which led to the introduction of a new brand that will ultimately serve Filipino sports fans. Enter ESPN 5. 
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October 10, 2017

Why Should Filipino Movie Buffs Watch Seven Sundays

Seven Sundays
(Image Source: Star Cinema)
I've watched a few teasers on television regarding Star Cinema's latest family drama film Seven Sundays. On one teaser there is a brewing conflict between two siblings while the other introduces the eldest among these siblings, and it is clear that these two are connected to the story which is why Filipino movie buffs should watch Seven Sundays with their loved ones. But it is no ordinary movie that is every Filipino family's story. 
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Two Worlds Will Collide At Galaxy Battles 2018

Galaxy Battles Major 2018
A screengrab from Youtube showcasing the Galaxy Battles Major 2018 logo
The second season of Galaxy Battles promises to become the biggest international pro gaming event to kick off 2018 as it pits aspiring and veteran e-sports players from different parts of the globe to compete in a prestigious tournament that will take place in the Philippines. 
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Can OPPO F5 Live Beyond Its Own Hype?

A screengrab from Julia Barretto's Instagram video showing the upcoming OPPO F5 which is set to launch in the Philippines on October 26, 2017. (Image Source: Yugatech)
It has been a norm for mobile brands in the Philippines to promote their new products through tech blogs, promotional materials, press releases and others related thereof. But there is one exception that is slated to live up beyond its own hype. 
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