September 20, 2017

An Underwhelming Showdown Brewing in the Selfie War

OPPO's sleuth of innovative and highly-engaging selfie-centric smartphones have always been regarded as some of the top mobile devices in the Philippine market over recent periods based on data from various sources especially the International Data Corporation. However, that is not the case for one of the country's biggest mobile store chains and I was intrigued to find out about what seems to be an underwhelming showdown of sorts. 
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I Can See Your Voice PH Off To Strong Start

I Can See Your Voice PH
(Photo Credit:
ABS-CBN's newest mystery musical game show I Can See Your Voice is already set in becoming the newest weekend habit during late nights within the holiday season as it began to captivate audiences on its first two episodes, beating its rival weekend shows on national TV ratings and even becoming a top trending topic on social media. 
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Happy Man Rolls Out Its Biggest Holiday Promo Yet

Starmobile STAR-TAGAL Christmas Promo
(Photo Credit: Starmobile)
It looks like Christmas in the Philippines is coming early as Starmobile has already rolled out what is considered to be the biggest holiday promo yet. 
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Travel Through Time with SM Supermalls and Timex

A watch is not just every Filipino's favorite accessory that tells time, but it also complement different styles that can interpret one's way of life. And if you're looking for an iconic timepiece for yourself or any of your loved ones especially your special someone, then you should check out the Timex Time Travel Road Show at any participating SM Supermall and you should have your own dream watch with enough luck. 
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September 16, 2017

Reaping The Pros and Cons of Late Night Jobs

Late Night Jobs
(Photo Credit: WebMD)
While most Filipinos are bound to get a shut-eye after a hard day's work, there are some who prefer to stay up late and during the dark just to make a living from their own workplace. To make it a bit a simple, they would consider to be working at late night and it seems that they are reaping benefits and some disadvantages during their time within these jobs. 
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Revisiting The Origins of BoybandPH

(Photo Credit: BoybandPH)
BoybandPH recently launched its newest single "Boyfriend" which was initially seen and heard on traditional and social media platforms on September 15, 2017 and it is assumed that it will be another hit for the five-man pop group thanks to its rapidly growing fanbase. But who would have thought that what started as a nationwide search for future Filipino superstars would eventually turn out to be the most enduring among local pop groups today? With that in mind, it is time for us to revisit where it all began. 
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Life Is A Ball With NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 The Neighborhood
Welcome to The Neighborhood!! (Photo Credit: PlayStation Lifestyle)
The NBA 2K series continues to live up to its distinction as the most exciting and most thrilling basketball simulation experience in the world of video games, and it looks like its latest installment is set to exceed the expectations of basketball-loving gamers as 2K Games recently announced the introduction of what is considered to be the first open world inside any sports video game franchise. 
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How Not To Spend Php50,000 on a Flagship Smartphone

Flagship Smartphones Worth Php50k
Samsung and Apple have respectively launched their newest flagship smartphones that are expected to be priced at nearly Php50,000 once they become available in the Philippines. (Photo Credit: The Daily Dot)
Many tech-savvy consumers are becoming curious when it comes to the launch of flagship mobile devices especially from the likes of Samsung and Apple. Nowadays, some of these curiosity cats prefer to shell out and spend most of their hard-earned cash for a new smartphone which is considered as perfect. But what if a recently-launched flagship smartphone is slated to be priced at around a whopping Php50,000 once it becomes available? 
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