Gaming World to Welcome Women's Basketball By Fall

GAMING, SPORTS | August 7, 2017

NBA Live 18 Logo
(Image Source: EA Sports)

Millions of Filipinos enjoy playing basketball in many different ways whether they are aspiring basketball players, spectators or even gamers. Yes, in modern times, Filipino gamers are keen in playing as their favorite basketball player in the likes of NBA 2K, NBA Playgrounds and NCAA March Madness. Now, it looks like basketball video games is on the horizon on entering a new chapter as one of gaming world's long-running franchises is adding one unique feature to its upcoming installment and that would be none other than women's basketball. 

WNBA Confirmed for NBA Live 18
It's official right here and other variable sources of sports and gaming. (Screengrab from Youtube)
EA Sports recently collaborated with the WNBA making NBA Live 18 the first basketball video game in history to feature the ladder's teams and players, which has intrigued gaming and sports enthusiasts around the world. But this is not the first time EA add real-life female players to its sports games. In fact, that distinction belongs to FIFA 2016 featuring twelve national women's soccer teams including the USA team.

Anyway, NBA Live 18 will feature a WNBA play mode where players can pit two WNBA teams against each other with an authentic roster, jerseys and even their own homecourts to boot. The developers are making everything in the freshly rare feature unique from motion capture sessions done by new and veteran WNBA players to player ratings and skill moves that are fine-tuned well.

Upon learning about the news, I was surprised to find out that there are WNBA players who were once younger gamers knowing that the addition of the said feature will take them to a different playing field. Meanwhile, it is a positive development for up and coming players knowing that they will soon be featured in a video game soon. And this will be assured as EA is yet to add a create-a-player option for women's basketball in future installments of the NBA Live series.

NBA Live 18 is set to be released worldwide this coming fall on home consoles and on the PC. Regardless of what many would think, this development is proven to be a testament to the term "Women can do anything what men can and can't," and this is all that everyone will matter.

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