How To Become Trubitastic on a Rainy Day

LIFESTYLE | August 11, 2017

Rainy Day
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Sometimes in our ordinary lives, our whole day filled with fun and amusing things to do is hindered by rainfall, floods and even loud thunderstorms which makes it more difficult for us to enjoy doing what we have planned. But on the bright side, a gloomy day would remind us of the things that we have either neglected or forgot.

Once these things are done while the rain is still puring, then we should not worry about being disappointed on the things we miss. Always remember on how we turn negative things into positive ideas even during unexpected situations. With that in mind, I would like to share with you a few tips on how to make a gloomy day a cheerful one in the midst of heavy rain.

1. Catch up on your favorite book, TV show or video game.

If you haven't finished a chapter of the book that you have purchased a long time ago, then you should do it while the rains are still pouring. The same goes if you need to watch an encore of an episode of a television show that you have missed. If you feel bored on any of these, then you should grab your smartphone or power up your laptop and play your favorite games. At least these will lessen your boredom while waiting for the sun to shine.

2. Hot foods are perfect for gloomy situations.

Sometimes you feel a bit down when you see strong rains falling to the ground. It's a good thing to know that the best thing for this kind of situation is a dose of hot eats. You can prepare your own rainy day meal before catching up on what you need to watch on your TV or smartphone whether it is an instant ready-to-eat package like noodles and sardines or even part of your own homecooked meal. That will give you pleasure even after lunch.

3. Do more time on the Web inside rather than outside.

Most of the time during the day focuses solely on doing activities and updating your own career online, but preparations for these tasks may be spoiled by heavy rains unless you stuck on where you need to do them. However, being stuck inside the house while the rain is pouring down may be the best possible time for you to do more work on your own online itinerary. Always remember that anyone can do their online work anytime and anywhere they want to even in gloomy situations.

4. Recharge before regret.

Heavy rains are not the only elements that you should worry about during a gloomy day. Sometimes, louder thunderstorms may cause interference on the flow of electricity leading to temporary power outages. It's best for you to prepare for the slight worst before you regret, and the best way for it is to recharge the battery of any on-the-go device that you are using. On the other hand, you may need to recharge yourself while waiting for the rain to stop if you want to continue your daily itinerary.

I hope these tips will make you satisfied on what you need to do when the rainy weather starts to spoil your daily activities. Regardless of what you are doing, it is best for you to make any necessary moves before starting a new day of work and fun so that you can become trubitastic in any situation or circumstance that can possibly happen anytime.

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