Will The Real Xiaomi PH Please Stand Up?

TECHNOLOGY | May 23, 2017

The Mi Bunny

Last week, local tech blogs have reported Xiaomi's return to the Philippines and tagged Mi Home Philippines as the brand's official home. The return of the brand is slated to make up for the mistakes that the Chinese global mobile brand have made in recent years. But, it seems that the anticipation would lead to a fiasco and the tech authorities who have made these reports are on their way to become its victims. With that in mind, let the trubist reiterate on what is going on.

Over the weekend, a Xiaomi Facebook page under the name Mi Philippines addressed Facebook and social media users in the country that Mi Home Philippines is considered a fake Xiaomi Philippines page and it is claimed to be the sole authorized reseller of the brand's products. For those who don't know what company is behind Mi Philippines, it is Grimalkin Corporation which is eventually a subsidiary of Star Paper Corporation. Confused? Well, you have to be.

It is found that Mi Home PH is currently classified as a support page while Mi Philippines has an actual online shop where you can order via a webform just by clicking the "Shop Now" button on its page. But, I'm also surprised that the items posted on Mi Home PH that are available on the online shopping site Lazada are priced more expensive than that in Mi Philippines, which is more confusing that I thought. Then, Mi Philippines has talked to the global headquarters confirming that Mi Home PH is fake thus reiterated that there is no other exclusive Philippine distributor to Xiaomi products than them.

At the end of the day, tech enthusiasts would realize that the tale of two competing Xiaomi Facebook pages may not be helpful in the brand's return to local shores and it will be up to the global headquarters of Xiaomi to decide which of these two are real and fake. For now, those who are itching to purchase Xiaomi products may have to order online via Lazada and nothing else. If you think that this issue is confusing, let me know. And if you also think that this is a fresh story worth talking, then I don't blame you. For now, you will have no right to access any of these two competing Facebook pages for your convenience.

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