New Globe Home Broadband Plans Go Big

TECHNOLOGY | June 4, 2017

Globe At Home Broadband

Globe Telecom recently introduced its newest set of home broadband offers. But with the fixed broadband competition getting more intense, it would seem that Globe's newest offerings for the modern home is beyond what consumers can experience as their new promos are going bigger.

And when I mean bigger, it means "Go Big". Yes, you got that right. Globe At Home is catering new and current home broadband users with bigger data allocation that is said to be three times than what is regularly offered.

Globe at Home Go Big Plans
Globe at Home Go Big plans (Image Source: Globe Telecom/Hungry Geeks)
These plans start at Plan 1299 with speeds of up to 5 Mbps and an allocation of 300 GB. If you want more, then you may consider applying for Plan 1599 with speeds of up to 10 Mbps and a monthly data allowance of 400 Gb or Plan 1899 with speeds of up to 50 Mbps and 500 GB of internet access. Honestly, these allocations are beyond Globe's fair use policy for mobile and home broadband subscribers; otherwise, these promos are satisfying enough that no one can refuse. But, that's not it.

All plans come with 100 GB of Youtube streaming on top of the monthly data allocation provided, six month free subscription to Netflix and Disney Channel apps, 2 months of worry-free access to HOOQ, and a landline with unlimited calls to Globe and TM subscribers. Globe at Home also offers delightful add-ons that would complement and elevate the household's digital experience such as Chromecast 2.0, Android TV and Apple TV which comes with additional monthly fees for the preferred device. With that in mind, I think those who have already subscribed to a Globe Home Broadband plan may have to upgrade to these plans provided that they will agree to reset their 24-month contract period.

Anyone who is interested in these massive offers may have to consider and think of the possibilities that they can do when they enter the World Wide Web from the comforts of their own home. In the end, it all depends if these are enough for the typical household to enjoy productivity and entertainment all the way.

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