Celebrating Mentorship and Modern Art in Little Rome

LIFESTYLE | August 7, 2017

Jun and Bo Cumagun
Jun and Bo Cumagun (Image Source: Arven Bravo/Lipa Status)
The week of July 13-20, 2017 was a memorable celebration for the local arts and culture scene in the city of Lipa as SM Supermalls brought its advocacy of championing Philippine visual arts and mounted a week full of art-centric activities which was participated by the city's finest young artists and art enthusiasts alike. 

"My City, My SM, My Art" which was held at the Event Center of SM City Lipa showcased the works of new-generation artists Jonathan Olazo and Paulina Luz-Sotto. Not only that, the event was also headlined by seven interesting stories that tell the value and importance of mentorship all played in video format and any of these could become a fitting inspiration for those who have watched them.

Chito Segismundo
Local visual artist Chito Segismundo with his family (Image Source: Arven Bravo/Lipa Status)
 Some of these stories recognize individuals and organizations are known for their contributions in the art scene not only in the city of Lipa, but in the province of Batangas as well. These include the Batangas State University College of Fine Arts, LipeƱo Youth Art Club founder Dr. Marichu Liwag Carstensen and former Lipa City Tourism Council president Chito Segismundo. One video featuring the mentors and mentees of an art advocacy group in Batangas tackled the challenges of an aspiring artist, while the testimony of Jun and Bo Cumagun explained how genes influence creativity and artistry. Indeed, these videos which was viewed by enthusiasts and spectators show how valuable is mentorship in the local arts and culture scene.

Marichu Liwag Carstensen and Lipeno Youth Art Club
Dr. Marichu Liwag Carstensen with members of the Lipeno Youth Art Club. (Image Source: Arven Bravo/Lipa Status)
 Part of the event is a four-day training workshop on tile mosaics under Dr. Marichu Liwag Carstensen which was participated by ten art students. It was eventually culminated in a competition featuring the outputs of the participants where 17-year old Jonas Palma was hailed as the winner after further deliberations on the showcased mosaic-based works from Joseph Albao, Luchie Resurreccion, and even provincial tourism council officer Atty. Sylvia Marasigan.

Lipa City councilor Gwendolyn Wong and city administrator Atty. Leo Latido were able to grace the launch of these festivities and fascinated by the works of featured modern artists. SM's advocacy in championing visual arts from different parts of the country has been considered in my mind as a huge boost to the arts and culture scene in what is considered the Little Rome of the Philippines and it is hopeful that the recently-concluded exhibit and workshop would help aspiring artists and spectators make their own contributions of not only Lipa City's ongoing cultural journey but that of the province of Batangas as well.

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